how bad is it

Hey! Knowing how your own food is made, is very important. So, do you know how foods of fast food restaurants make their food? Do you know what’s in their food? Do you how processed their foods are?

Watch the video above to know some interesting YET gruesome facts (0:00-0:45) about how most fast food restaurants make their food.

Just yesterday, when I was reading news from Business Insiders Singapore, I stumbled upon a news relating to fast food so I got curious, and clicked on the link. This article is about an adult named, Jaqueline Vaughn, a chiropractic assistant, purchased two meals two years ago and left it on display. So after two years, none of the food have bugs or grown mold or started to smell. From this study, it shows that fast food is loaded with preservatives and of course, consuming processed food is not recommended. This is because, firstly, it contains full of chemicals which are meant to produce plastic or many other products that are harmful to our human body. Secondly, they reuse the oil, which is very unhygienic but customers don’t really care! Lastly, they use higher levels of salt or preservatives and fats to make the food taste better and also allow the food to last longer.

Fast food is very harmful to our human body when it is consumed often, and knowing the great amount of people consuming fast food quite often, I would like to highlight the negative effects of eating fast food.



Eating too much fast food can lead to people being overweight. Studies have stated that fast food consumption has the largest impact on obesity level. In addition, people who eat fast food more than twice a week, gained 10 pounds compared to those who eat less than a week. Being overweight can also lead to a serious illness called heart disease.


Saturated fats in meat, desserts, and fried foods such as french fries of fried chicken, can cause increase in blood sugar.

Heart problems

Fast food contains high amount of cholesterol, salt and fat. Hence, it raises one’s blood pressure levels, putting one at risk her heart problems



People who indulge in high fat, and high sugar foods are likely to experience depression. People also do turn to fast foods in an effort to feel better. However, it’s just temporary because in the end, it will still affect your mood by adding unwanted weight!

Now, I would like to recommend this movie that I’ve watched a few months back, it’s called “SuperSize Me”, starring Morgan Spurlock. In this movie, Morgan filmed himself eating Macdonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 days.



A little more introduction about this movie, Morgan at first had a healthy body, but after 30 days, everything declined. For instance, his kidney and liver went from okay to very bad. Also, he almost got himself a heart disease that could lead to a heart failure. Other than that, during the 30 days of eating Macdonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he actually had mood swings and felt very exhausted most of the time.

After watching the movie “SuperSize Me”, I was surprised by how bad Morgan’s condition became after consuming fast food!. From the movie, I’ve gained some knowledge on what fast foods can do to people and how dangerous it is to our human body, such as bringing harm to our heart, liver, and blood. Knowing the bad factors and consequences of consuming fast food, I feel that this is a very serious matter and that something should be implemented!

Above, is the video I’ve watched and in the video, it is again mentioned that fast food brings harm to our body, what it contains in the food, and how dangerous it is. They also mentioned that fast foods bring diabetes, heart pressure and heart disease and as expected, “overweight” and “obesity” is mentioned too!

So in conclusion, fast food is definitely not a recommendation to consume or dine in often. Knowing that it is harmful to our body, I suggest that it should, and must be cut down.

In the next blog post, I will be talking about the things we can do to help reduce the consumption of fast food. So look forward to it! I am glad that we are one step closer to giving people the life they/we deserve to have! Don’t forget, it’s never too late to improve oneself!

As always, Good Luck!



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