Don’t forget, there’s always a solution to a problem

In today’s blog post, it’ll be about something beneficial! Something that can help us all, be it for ourselves, be it for our family, or be it for our friends. I am here because I want to help, and I want to provide advices because I myself feel there is a solution to every problem, that this should be taken seriously and we should all start right now!

Here, I have a video to share (similar to the video in the other blog posts) and after watching it, I think that it is a not bad idea. It says that we can actually give youths the education on Home economics, on choosing the right healthy food choices, and that we can influence them in a right way.

It really gave me hope, because I think this is a really great way to reduce the amount of people consuming fast food often.

Moving on, besides educating youths on Home economics, I personally came up with some advices that I feel will be beneficial for you.

Pack your lunchbox

Don’t you feel like whipping up a healthy meal after watching those “Back to school lunchbox ideas” from Youtube stars?       Yes, here’s a chance for you to try making those healthy lunchbox AND a chance for you to look away from fast food restaurants! Packing your own lunchbox helps you save money even! Thus, allowing you to save money, and stop going for fast food! So simple!

Know your consequences 

To me, it’s never too late to improve oneself, as everyday is a chance for you to start again. Have faith, and know that it is possible. After all, we are all doing this for ourselves!




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