Why me?

Fast food is very very popular, and have you ever wondered why is fast food their choice to dine at? Well, as a youth myself, I feel that the convenience, affordability and the lack of time youths have due to the amount of school work they have do complete, are the few main factors why people choose fast food. Hence, I want to know if it’s really true or if there are more factors to why people choose fast food so I went to create a survey asking all my friends and friends of friends to do the survey.


As you can see from the screenshot above, many of them said that it is cheap, fast, yummy, and convenient and isn’t almost the same as my opinions on why they choose fast food? yup! So…. I think affordability, convenience is really mainly why people choose fast food. In addition, I went to read some articles and screenshot the articles regarding why they choose fast food and many also pointed out that the reason why they choose fast food is because it’s quick, convenient and yummy.


I also came across a video recently which shows that many do consider affordability an important point when buying food.

In the video, the interviewees said that it is cheap adding “I definitely can buy a hamburger cheaper than you can buy an apple”,“pay less to get fat, pay more to eat healthy”(0:20-0:35), and that “I don’t like fast food, but I eat it because it’s cheap“(3:15-3:25), tells me that the affordability of fast food does play a big part of why people choose fast food. So from all these comments, I can conclude that affordability plays a part in why people choose fast food.

One thing that’s kinda new to me, that I didn’t mention above, is the advertising of the product that makes people want to eat fast food and recently, I came across an article from The Strait Times and the article is “Tighter rules for fast food and soda ads to protect children”. In the article, the journalist stated that the advertising of free toys and games with their meals should be stopped so as to protect people from getting attracted to a meal that is high in sugar, salt and fats.

Personally, I feel that there are many factors on why people want to eat fast food, but these above that I’ve mentioned, are the main reasons, which I think, should be highlighted!

In the next blog post, it will be something very interesting! Something that not everyone knows! So……. Stay updated!

Not forgetting, Good Luck!

♡, Chanel


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