What about fast food?


Hi there!

Do you know anything about fast food? I’m sure you do, right? Hmmmm, maybe a little less than I do? Or…maybe more than I do? But hey, one thing I’m sure is, I have more than just what you need to know and I really really want to share it with you!

So…. What is fast food? Fast foods, basically, are foods that are processed easily, food that people can buy in an instant. Hence the name “Fast food”. So, knowing that it can be bought fast, and knowing that it doesn’t taste bad, but yummy, it became a place where many people like to eat and dine at and because it became a place where many people like to dine at, the raising of sales of the fast food restaurants has increased greatly, owning billions of dollars and that’s…. A LOT.


I got curious, and wanted to know more so I went to interview people around my campus, asking them how often do they eat fast food and look! As predicted from my observation, many of them eat fast food once/twice a week to thrice a week!

After gathering all the result of how often people eat fast food, I am very, very astonished by it and I feel that it is an issue, and that something must be done because to me, it’s not right. Though I myself am a youth, I do not see a need to eat fast food that often. Hence, knowing that many people, especially the youths, are consuming this huge amount of fast food, I want to share this even more, spread the awareness and hopefully, change your life, or even your friend’s life.

In the next blog post, I will be talking about the reasons of why people choose fast food so as to let you know and understand the people who likes to eat fast food and that maybe you can encourage them to reduce their consumption of fast food in an understanding way! I also want to show you some interesting videos that I’ve discovered recently which left me in shock. If you still have the will to help yourself, or anyone you care, come back for the next blog post for some fascinating facts about fast food.(that you should really know)

Good Luck!

, Chanel


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